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Ever wonder how small businesses turn into a franchise? Or how a store fails in a a busy location, but the same store flourishes where no one would ever imaged it would?

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We have all heard that success is dependent on three factor: Location, Location, Location. Well, then what is the right location? One with a lot of foot traffic, visibility, or easy access? The notion of a good location is that it will bring in the most customers and therefor you’ll make the most money. One problem: The better the location in perceived to be, the higher the rent. So a better location needs more revenue just to break even and that may be worth it.
A better way yo look at rent and location is to consider it marketing expense just like you look at all your other forms advertisements.  So if you have a set marketing budget, then the more you spend on rent the less is available for other types of advertising such as mailer and TV adds.  This makes perfect sense since a location with visibility on a main street would to spend less on mailers to ensure that the trade areas customers know of its existence.
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