Frozen Yogurt Point of Sale – By Weight or Item?

Frozen Yogurt Shops can have it either way and either way is fairly simple although I have seen my fair share of complicated menus. Sintel Systems offers a CCS Yogurt Point of Sale System that can accommodate any type of menu with all the great features.
Traditional Frozen Yogurt Shops have menus that split into multiple categories including toppings. The customer can choose different types of products with multiple toppings. Each product is priced differently and toppings are charged by quantity. With CCS Restaurant Point of Sale Software, products with similar pricing can be grouped under the same pricing category therefore allowing changes to affect all products in the pricing category. All frozen yogurt flavors and topping types are accounted since each product identifies the ingredients used on the point of sale terminal.
More and more we are finding Frozen Yogurt Shops using the weight method of charging for their products. The weighted method creates a self service environment where customers are able to poor their own frozen yogurt, and add their own toppings as they please. Since the customer is being charged by the total quantity weight they purchase, they are welcome to take as little or as much as they desire. That includes toppings.
Each method can also provide inventory control using CCS Restaurant Point of Sale Software. Software with a combination of procedure and policy can create a suppressed shrinkage accounting. Contact a Sintel Systems for free consultation with a professional representative at (888)SINTEL-6.
What are the Major Differences?855-POS-SALE
The traditional method collects payment before creating the product, and the weighted method must first wait for the customer to create their product in order to collect payment.
The weighted method has one major item on the menu – Frozen Yogurt. The price is set at a range of 35 to 45 cents per ounce. This requires a Point of Sale Scale able to measure in ounces not pounds. The traditional method has categories and products labeled by flavor and size. Toppings are added as additional products of the order.
The traditional method requires employees needed to take order, collect payment, create products, and hand it over to the customers. The weighted method also requires employees, but only to replenish stock and collect payment.
Which works best is for the business owner to judge. Either way you decide to take you frozen yogurt shop, Sintel Systems is here to help you process you orders as efficiently as possible. Contact Us today at (888)SINTEL-6