Can I get a Free Point of Sale POS system with Merchant Account or Credit Card Processing?

Myth or Reality?

POS Credit Card Processing
POS Credit Card Processing

As customers have become wiser they understand that credit card processing not only increases their sales, but also generates a small revenue for the credit card processor. This is very true. So this well know notion has been used by some to claim that they will give a free point of sale system just for selecting them as a credit card processor. We all know that in business, something free offered by a business typically required a rate of return. So, the free point of sale is typically a myth. The math just does not work. So why is it advertised, because of selective wording. The POS is “Free,” but there is monthly fee for a certain period of time which eventually leads to much higher overall cost.If you have been in business, then you know that “if it is too good to be true, then it most likely is!”If you have just started your business, then you should know that “there is no such thing as a free lunch either!” Here is some humble advise:

  1. Look for value not cheap or free.
  2. Select the tight partners. Form your window cleaners to your POS provider. Make sure they are all honest.
  3. Build relationships with those who see you as a customer rather than a transaction.
  4. If it takes tons of fine print just to sell you anything then they are betting that you’ll not read it.
  5. Compare all your investments pound-for-pound. Remember, value is what your are searching for.

The credit card fees generated by most operations are not sufficient to justify a real POS system with real service. That in many ways is s a good thing. If fees were high enough to allow for a free systems, then you would have to pay higher fees to the merchant account which in turn would force you to increases your prices and suffer lower sales. This was you at least know that once you buy the system or finance it for a set term to own, then you would not keep paying higher fees on every transaction forever.
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