How can Sintel Systems offer the best POS, but at relatively cheap prices?

The short answer is we offer value, not cheap point of sale, but read on to get the whole picture.
A common question we get from our potential customers is “What is the difference 855-POS-SALESbetween Sintel Systems POS and a national recognized brand such as Micros?” This is a very intelligent and smart question. After all our we are able to offer POS system at what seems to be cheap prices. The smart customers know that there must be a fundamental reason a system is cheaper than another. Most often cheaper POS systems are of lower quality or miss the needed service and support.
Sintel Systems does not provide cheap POS systems, but rather great value. How do we do this? Very simply. We focus on our customers.

    1. First, we don’t have a dedicated sales force. This means that we don’t have people whose sole responsibility is sales. Our staff is comprised of solely technical experts who actually understand POS and your business.  As our saying goes, “You sell it, you support it.” This means that it is very likely that the person selling you the system will also be the one training you. This allows our staff to concentrate on the long term relationship with each customer. The point of purchase is just the beginning of a long lasting relationship. Every customer becomes a friend.
    2. Second, we do not have an enormous advertising budget. We depend on a referral system where most of our clients are refereed to us on some shape or form.  This not only allows us to pass the savings onto our customers, but ensures that all our customers are satisfied.
    3. Third and most importantly, we are honest and reliable. We don’t burry our customers with hidden fees and long contracts.  So we are trusted and don’t need to deal with unhappy customers. Many firms assume that revenues generated by dishonest and deceptive practices outweigh the costs. We don’t believe in that and treat everyone as we would treat our own friends.

So we do not offer cheap point of sale systems, but rather a great value with excellent customer service. Our customers are relationships, not simply transactions. And this is  why Sintel Systems is your trusted source. We actually did a side-by-side comparison between us and point of sale systems you see advertised as Free.
Contact us at (855)POS-SALES or (855)767-7253 and experience the advantage you get when you come to Sintel Systems for your point of sale needs.