San Francisco Point of Sale (POS)

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Complete Pre-Installed Point Of Sale System
What is the best POS System for my business in San Francisco and the Bay Area?
Sintel Systems! We are not just a point-of-sale POS company, but also a one-stop solutions provider. Why are we the best to deliver high quality products and attentive services to you?  Because:

  1. STAFF: The greatest and most dedicated staff anywhere. We don’t have a sales force, we all techies! You’ll love our staff because we are helpful, friendly, and honest. We believe that a living is earned best honestly. We won’t flood you with fine print and we still do a lot of business just on a handshake!
  2. Monitor and control the inventory control, increased and secured processing speed!
  3. Connect with your website.
  4. Start gift cards and loyalty programs to attract and keep more of your customers.
  5. Easy customization.
  6. Each POS system has endless features to help you.

Increase your efficiency and profits! Be the best in San Francisco.
Why else Sintel Systems? Because we know San Francisco and its great way of living. All of our staff have traveled to San Francisco and enjoy what it has to offer. If you own a store in San Francisco, chances are you have ran into one of our staff members or already heard of Sintel Systems. Instead of trying to sell, we observe and study every business and understanding the needs. Bet you find no other POS provider knows about Gelato and appropriate POS systems as much as we do!
We share San Francisco’s spirit and are fast becoming the first name and last name to call when you want San Francisco style personalized and friendly service.
Contact us at (855)POS-SALES or (855)767-7253 and let one of our technical staff assist you.