Seattle does best of both worlds: Cafe by day, bar by night
Image courtesy of from Correctto.

Are you struggling with a business that is seasonal or only fully operational during certain times of the day or week? Here at Sintel Systems we provide POS service for a wide arrange of customers and we know it can be a challenge to find the perfect mode of operation. We just wanted to highlight one of the great business ideas that we have seen so far in solving the problem of restricting hours of operation due to the limits of what service you offer.
Coffee and booze are a must have in the rainy city of Seattle, Washington. With trying to stay warm and happy for the 75% of the year that it’s cold, wet and depressing, cafes and bars are a must have for the sanity of the people.
When it comes to independent businesses, the Seattle community boasts beautifully alive and supportive. Innovative and always local friendly, Capitol Hill residents of Seattle welcome new experiences of coffee and alcohol.
Thanks to the reporting by the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, news of Corretto is slated to open next spring. A homage to the classic Italian pairing of a shot of espresso and a shot of liquor, Corretto is bring yet another perfectly themed cafe/bar onto the hill. With an impressive space of 25-foot ceilings, 20-foot windows and a 35-seat mezzanine, it is sure to be a grand experience to sip your drink and enjoy a relaxing day. Corretto will also have a canine-friendly 50-seat patio as the dog park is only a few blocks away.
Corretto isn’t the first to combine these two ideas however. Liberty has long been operating as a friendly day time cafe only to turn into a dark and hip cocktail lounge at night. Also in the coffee and booze department, Cafe Pettirosso debuted just last year, offering breakfast, lunch and coffee for the morning work crowd & lunch rush and a cocktail and dinner environment for after you get off the clock.
Read more about the Captiol Hill Corretto article here.
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