Sintel Systems Provides Bakery POS Needs: Bakery Boss Casting Call

Bakery Shop POS www.sintelsystems.comSintel Systems knows Bakery POS. And as a full retail provider of custom tailored Bakery POS, we know that it’s of no question that owning a bakery means having one of the highest profit margins in the food service industry businesses out there. Baked goods are easy to supply for, but real success is determined by your unique recipes, marketing strategies, determination and dedication all baked together with the utmost tender loving care. Or if all else fails and things just aren’t working like they should be, you might just really need the other TLC (The Learning Channel) and the Cake Boss to shine a light on what you thought wasn’t possible. Buddy Valastro from the popular series Cake Boss is back on TLC with a new series as the Bakery Boss. Giving back to the community by helping small family-owned bakeries make it in the business, Buddy tackles the conflicts of family politics and pinpoints the cause in decline of why these bakeries just aren’t making the cut.

Bakery Boss Bakery POSBakery Boss just started airing this December 2013 with new series starting Mondays 9|8c.
Friendly Bake Shop, Violet’s Bake Shop, and Kristi G’s Cupcakes & More are just the first 3 bakeries to get started so far. TLC is still accepting bakeries for casting! Don’t miss your opportunity to send in your information for the casting call:
Sintel Systems is your true one stop for all your Bakery POS solutions. We’re here for you in anything POS related just like the Bakery Boss, we’ll get you started with hardware, software, training & support, credit card processing and even gift cards, all set up with your very own customer loyalty point program. Buddy gives you what you need to open a successful bake shop and Sintel Systems gives you all the tools in the Point Of Sale department to help you serve more customers. Should you have any issues with your POS system you only have one phone number to call, (972) POS-TECH. We are just one phone call away from solving all of your POS mishaps should they occur. Every machine needs a tune up every now and then and Sintel Systems gives you the software updates you need to keep up with the rapidly changing market.
If you are interested in learning more about Sintel’s 5i POS system and how its beautiful design and powerful features, combined with our knowledge and support, can help create an atmosphere that embodies today’s modern technological style, call us for a free phone consultation.
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