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Technology is offering more and more options to aid business franchises in management, efficiency and communication. ASP, or Application Service Provider, is a tool which allows Merchants to view various reports about multiple stores from a remote or Corporate location. This software allows remote access to Point of Sale Terminal information such as Total Sales Summary, Detailed Sales Report, Credit Card Summary, Cancelled Transactions, and more. It also allows for Customer Analysis, Sales Analysis, Various Sales Counts by Store, Comparisons by Store and even Back Office Setting Access.

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Business Franchises may also be interested in our FlexGiftcard program. With this service, you can create fully customizable gift cards, perfectly tailored to your tastes. When a customer purchases a Gift Card at a specific store, that card will be valid at any store within the Franchise, or that opts to join.
These and other benefits are available to Businesses who possess Merchant Accounts through United Merchant Services. Contact Sintel Systems and receive complete information on ASP, Gift Cards, United Merchant Services, Point of Sale Technology, and more.
You can find out more information by visiting our Frachising Services page.