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At Sintel Systems, we know that protecting your home and your loved ones is of vital importance. However, you may end up spending more money installing an outdated system based around a phone line. Additionally, you may be putting yourself and your family at greater risk.
Old home security systems based on phone lines can be very costly considering that lines must be run throughout hard-to-get-to areas of your home. This may require additional spending on construction and contractors, depending on the design of your home. Phone lines must be concealed because they pose the danger of being physically cut by intruders, cutting you off from outside communication. Also, they cannot protect your home while you or your family are away.
Sintel offers you the Wireless Alarm System for a safe, reliable and cost-effective Home Security System. With the Wireless System, you won’t need to involve contractors as there is no need for complicated wiring. Powerful signals emitted by the wireless devices allow for easy communication with each other throughout any area of your home. Various devices such as Glass Break Detectors, or Passive Infrared Motion Detectors, send lightning fast signal responses back to a main console, the Go!Control Panel, to alert you of any disturbances.

Go!Control Panel Overview
Wireless Glass Break Detector

The Go!Control Panel possesses One-Touch Access, as well as a Two-Way Cellular Voice System that allows for fast speech communication with emergency personnel. It also utilizes a user-friendly LCD Touch interface, which can be used to access various security settings, lighting, weather information, and more.

Another highlight of the Wireless Alarm System is the ability to Remotely Access your Home Security System from any location, using your Cellular Phone, or a remote Internet Connection. Information such as Disturbance Alerts, Arming Reminders and Security Reports will all be available to you while you are away from home. You may enable or disable your devices, grant access to multiple users, or receive Security Logs from up to 60 Days prior, all from a remote location. You will also be reminded by the Wireless System remotely if you did not arm the devices.

The Wireless Alarm System will save you time & money, as well as give you peace of mind, knowing that your home is always protected.

Pair this system with our Surveillance products for even greater protection.

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