Protect Your Business From Power Surges – Battery Back Up – Uninterrupted Power Supply – POS – Point of Sale

You’ve taken care of the Point of Sale and Surveillance systems for your business… Have you considered the security of the power behind those systems?
In this modern age built on connections, power surges are a frequent problem for businesses. They can consequentially interfere with networks, creating lapses in information flow, resulting in the loss of valuable time and resources. Depending on your location, your business may be at greater potential risk for these surges. Typically, industrial areas with a great number of clustered systems running on shared power sources experience power surges more often.
Power Surges can hurt your business…it is important to know what they are, when they occur, and how they can affect you.
Power Surges, also known as voltage spikes, can occur for a number of reasons, which include trapped circuit breakers, lightning strikes, and short circuits. In business however, they most typically occur when power shifts suddenly between devices connected through a shared power source. This may be due to one of the devices shutting down unexpectedly, particularly if the device normally requires a large amount of power to operate. When this occurs, the released energy from the malfunctioning device is suddenly transferred in a “surge” into the other devices connected to the shared power source. If powerful enough, this can result in the other devices shutting down. In extreme cases, volatile amounts of electrical current can weaken them.
Protecting your business from power surges is not as costly as you might think, and ensuring the stability of your systems will be well worth the price paid.
One simple, cost-effective way you can begin protecting your business is by obtaining Battery Back-Ups, also known as UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supplies. Acting as surge protector, voltage regulator and a back up secondary power supply, the UPS stabilizes power to your devices when experiencing a surge. Power is instantly provided by the Battery Back-Up. The systems will run normally, without shutting down or rebooting. The Battery Back-Up, when not in use, constantly charges and stores power to be used only when you need it. This safety net can be critical in certain situations.
The Uninterrupted Power Supply has two sets of outlets. One set is designated for surge protection, while the other is designated for Back-Up power. You want to make sure your devices are connected into the appropriate set of outlets, to ensure the desired protection, as well as using a separate outlet for each device. For example, if you have a Frozen Yogurt POS system with Network, you must designate a separate outlet for each piece of equipment: Router, Switch, Touch PC (Each terminal should be plugged into a separate outlet), Receipt Printer, etc. If you have a Bakery & Cupcake POS system with a label printer & a POS server, it is important to ensure that the server and label printer have their own designated outlets. It must also be noted that each outlet has a specified capacity and will not exceed the output listed on the unit.
UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supplies can be found at Staples.
These typically have an 18-month Battery life span and can be replaced.