Alarms and Systems

Modern Technology for the Modern Home

It’s late. You’re awoken by a strange noise. You think there may be an intruder in your home. What do you do? Who do you call? How much time do you have? Might the intruder have already cut your phone line?

Emergencies happen. Protecting your home is of great importance, whether you’re there or not. If your Home Security is still based around a phone line system, you want to consider upgrading to a more efficient kind of protection. Sintel Systems offers you all the tools you need to build your complete Wireless Home Security System, so that you can sleep better at night, and feel secure while you’re away from home.

Going Wireless


Slow, outdated phone systems no longer offer optimal speed and efficiency required for protecting your home in the modern world. Security Systems based on land lines are dangerous because they can be physically severed by intruders, effectively cutting you off from the help you need. Wireless Systems provide enormous savings on installation, because they get rid of tireless hours spent with contractors, installing wires throughout difficult areas of your home. The powerful signals emitted by the Wireless Devices easily communicate with one another, as well as with Emergency Contacts.

Get Help for Serious Situations. Fast.  
When you are experiencing an emergency, time is of critical importance. We know that you care about protecting your home, your possessions and your loved ones. The Wireless Alarm System is designed to be the most easy-to-use, time-efficient Emergency Resource on the market. One-Touch Access and Two-Way Cellular Voice Response allow for fast, easy communication with Emergency Response Personnel, so you get the help you need, when you need it. The user-friendly LCD Touch Screen allows simple customization of various Security Settings, and does not require hours of training.

Protect Your Home from Any Location.
The Wireless System allows you to fully access and control your Security Alarm Systems remotely via the Web and Mobile Phones. You will be able to arm/disarm your system, manage security access for multiple users, receive real-time Email and Text notifications of any Power Failures or Disturbances, and receive Arming Reminders when your Home is unprotected, all from a remote location. In addition, events recorded by your system are kept in an online record for 60 days, to be viewed from anywhere you have internet access.