Back Office Software

The Back Office user-friendly features will assist you in managing your business efficiently. Once the software is running, your terminals will not only handle Point of Sale transactions, but will be working along with the Back Office Operation Management Program. The Back Office System will keep a record of the profit of your company, any sale and purchase transactions; it will generate receipts, invoices, and update your inventory as needed.  It is not always easy to access the administrative functions of the POS Systems while customers are waiting to complete their purchase. We understand how important it is to get the information you need, but interrupting the flow of the line is not a good idea. Customers don’t appreciate it and it’s just bad for business.
If your establishment has a physical office location with the computers already installed, the Back Office license is a great way to connect to the POS Database without disrupting the operations at the front counter.  You can run the Operation Management Program and log in to access all your administrative tools and you can create reports which can be exported, saved, printed, or emailed directly to accountants and other necessary persons.
Don’t have an office?
Access the Operations Management Program using your laptop. As long as you can connect to the store network you can access the database.  Installation requires remote connection for activation and link to database. Internet Connection is necessary for installation.
Need Terminal Access from Back Office?
Upgrade to Full Access Back Office to access Terminal Functions. Create orders and process transactions from the back office unit. It requires Access Dongle that will be shipped upon purchase.
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