855-POS-SALE How soon should I buy a POS System?

In previous times, the question was “When should I buy my POS system? Before or after opening?
In some industries like self-serve frozen yogurt, produce markets, and pizza delivery operations, the answer is more clear since a point of sale (POS) system is needed to operate and sell products. Frozen yogurt and produce markets (bakeries also) require weight scales to measure products being sold and pizza restaurants with delivery operations heavily rely on several key POS functions.
In other businesses such as small restaurants and retail shops, the POS system is sometimes wrongly perceived to be of secondary importance.
In today’s competitive market,  the real question is “How soon before opening should I buy my POS system?” The answer is at least 8 to 10 weeks before opening. This means that you should place your order at least 10 weeks before the intended opening and here are the top 5 reasons:
1. Shipping – There are two matters with shipping as it relates to your POS system. First, you save expediting and processing fees when you order early. Get free shipping on complete POS systems. Second, account for unforeseen circumstances that can happen with shipping including delays and losses due to the shipping companies.
2. Damage – POS systems are comprised on technical components (all-in-one touch systems, scales, printers, etc.). The equipment may get damaged in shipping or you may acquire one of the small percentage of systems that fail and need to be replaced. When ordering your POS ask about next-day replacement and warranty options.
3. Training – There are generally 3 levels of training. Owner, manager, and employee. As the owner of the business, you should familiarize yourself with the POS capabilities before managers and employees are involved. This should start weeks before the first employee is trained.
4. Gift Cards – Would you like to offer gift/loyalty cards on the first day operations to your customers? These rewards cards are custom made with your logo and design. Sintel Systems designs and prints these cards for you, but sufficient time is required to obtain the cards. Buying your POS system right before opening will not allow you to offer these great promotional goods.
5. Budgeting – Leaving the POS system to the last minute sometimes results in the sacrificing of quality. You are forced then to settle for a substandard system that will eventually effect your operation negatively. If you run into budgeting issues, DO NOT settle for cheap POS systems. Call us at 855-POS-SALE and let us help. Options include leasing and financing.
Sintel Systems offers tailored Point of Sale solutions including tablet and mobile POS systems focused on retail, restaurant and service industries, including frozen yogurt shopspizzeriassushi restaurantscafés and retail stores.
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