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Thursday October 31, 2013 is Halloween and it is just around the corner. With most Halloween stores opening their doors between September 15 and October 1,  it is getting very close to the deadline to decide if:
1. You will be renting your Halloween POS systems this season or
2. Buying a POS system that you can keep.
Retail sales figures and experts in the field agree that seasonal operations like Halloween stores, should take business seriously and be organized. As larger retailers like Spirit Halloween Stores (calling itself “Halloween Headquarter” and provider of our Halloween countdown clock) use POS systems to manage their national stores, every small or large operation must follow to ensure that more profits are kept.
BEST Reason To Buy Instead of Rent: “I also have a seasonal Christmas store where I can use the POS System.”
BETS Reason to Rent Instead of Buy: “I don’t want to store the system 10 months.”Halloween-POS-Point-of-Sale
If you are opening September 15, then you have a few days left to get your POS system or face loosing efficiency and profits without a POS system. Did you know that the systems will also keep track of employee time? Now that is adding efficiency.
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