5 Myths of Free POS Systems

We recently had a call from a customer who is panning on opening a locaiton in New York that will service both pizza and frozen yogurt. They called us inquiring about a POS system that would be able to handle both operations, but we are assuming that there will be no delivery of self-serve frozen yogurt:) If you have read our articles on “Free POS” then you know that there is no such thing. The customer referred us to an article with the title of “5 Advantages of Free POS Systems” on the Internet and we took the time to read it carefully. In today’s world, anyone can post anything online and reader beware, but the interesting point of this particular “Review” site was that is it stated that they do the research so that you don’t have to. At least to their credit, they did state that the supposed Free POS systems were accompanied by long contracts and that the terms/conditions should be reviewed carefully. They listed the top 5 advantages as follows:
1. Upfront Costs
2. Simple to Setup
3. Overnight Replacement Part Shipping
4. Lifetime Warranty
5. They Don’t Make Money Unless You Make Money
I will be addressing each point shortly, but the bottom line is that there is no such thing as Free POS. They still make plenty of money even if you don’t.
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