Why is BestPizzaPOS.com by Sintel Systems the Best Pizza POS?

At this year’s International Pizza Expo where BestPizzaPOS.com revealed its newest POS system for the Pizza industry, a very fair question was asked, “Why is BestPizzaPOS.com the best pizza POS?” After all if you claim it, you must justify it. Here is why BestPizzaPOS.com offers the best Pizza POS:
1. Customers have say so everytime.
2. They don’t have any sales people, just techies always ready to help the customer.
2. The POS systems have the technology you need, but not the unnecessary ones that just confuse you.
3. Best prices on POS systems without compromising quality.
4. Knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive support when you need it.
5. Best tracking method for operations and employees.
6. We know Pizza:) Read on it at BestPizzaPOS.com
7. One Source, All Solutions: All your technology needs from one place. From security cameras to phone.
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