Who can provide the best POS for my Candy and Chocolate Store?

Candy Shop POS – Chocolate Store Point of Sale

On a recent visit to Chicago, I came across a candy store owner who did not have POS system. Curiously, I asked him if he had ever looked into a POS system for his candy store. He said that he had actually searched but had not been able to find a suitable system. I asked him if he was familiar with the Candy Store POS from Sintel Systems. I figured that if he has searched on Google, he would have come across us. Well, he had not and I guess that was a good thing. Because if he had actually found our Candy & Chocolate Store POS and not found it applicable, then we would have done something wrong.
Candy Store Point Of Sale System
His complaint was that most systems were either too complicated, too expensive, lack the needed service, and a bunch of other issues. He just wanted to a POS system without having to become a computer expert. Furthermore, he said that his typical employee was a teenager with high turnover rate. He did not want to be faced with spending great amounts of time training each time he hired a new employee.
I explained to him that a complete  Candy Store POS from Sintel Systems offered great benefits including:

  • Employee Time Sheet Management
  • Integrated Credit/Gift Card Processing
  • Speedy Transaction Processing
  • Integrated Scale for Candy Sales
  • Great Customer Support

Here is the best part. I told him about the price and he was fully surprised by that. He could not believe the price and assumed that we were cutting short somewhere to deliver this product to him at that price. From his searches he had come across significantly higher prices and assumed our lower price must be a function of cutting on quality or price. I basically explained what we have on the following blog:

So, if you are looking for a POS system for your Candy or Chocolate Store, contact us. Does your store also serve coffee and bake goods? Don’t worry, we got that covered, too.
If you are thinking of just installing a POS software on your computer of going with SaaS (on line POS), please read this and be forewarned:

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