Short. Simple. List Advice. When shopping for Frozen Yogurt POS.

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Shopping for Frozen Yogurt POS

Sintel Systems is the #1 leading provider of Frozen Yogurt POS across the nation. With over hundreds of frozen yogurt shops serviced with our Sintel POS – from franchises, like FroyoWorld, to small family owned, like Bessy’s Frosen Yogurt; Sintel Systems knows froyo like a long time best friend knows all your secret spots and favorite things to eat.
We know you’ve been researching the froyo business from head to toe scrolling down articles and articles. Sintel Systems is here to make it simple for you by compiling a quick list with brief information you may need to know in order to have the most efficiently operating Frozen Yogurt POS.

Frozen Yogurt POS Hardware Necessities:

Certified Integrated Scale
High-speed Printer
Side Integrated Card Reader
Cash Drawer
Customer Display – Highly encouraged to advertise specials!
Bar code Scanner – If you plan to label and sell another inventory of items

Main Frozen Yogurt POS Software Functions Needed:

Direct Scale Integration with POS – Your POS screen connects directly with scale for reading froyo ounces
Muli-tare Function – This allows you to subtract weight of the cup/holder
Ability To Weigh Multiple Cups at One Time – Keep that line moving please
Customer Loyalty Point Program – Keep track of your customers and reward them too

***You’ll also want to have Technical Support and Training to save you time and money from learning how to use your new software program.

Fill-n-Chill inside store 5iImportant Advice:

Always, always, always beware of hidden prices! If it’s too good to be true that’s probably because it is. Don’t expect anything for FREE. Especially if it sounds too good to be true. Reciprocity is the reality of exchange so always keep it in mind.

Prospective Frozen Yogurt POS shoppers should always check for Direct Scale Integration.
Not having a POS integrated scale will not only double or triple the transaction processing time, but also open the doors to mistakes by cashiers when manually entering weight values. In addition it will not prevent temptations by the few bad apples. Cashiers will be able to enter any values when ringing up customers. They can simply enter a lesser value in the system but charge the customer the actual value, pocketing the difference. Multiplying by $0.39 becomes easy once you’ve done it a couple hundred times.
Make sure you can weigh multiple cups. Don’t waste your time or the time of your customers lifting each individual cup. Be sure to ask if they can all be weighed at once!
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