What is a "IP" & Mega Pixel Camera?

There are many types of cameras to consider when choosing a surveillance system for your home or business. Today we will be going over two types of cameras available to consumers. The first is an IP camera, or Internet Protocol camera, and the second is a Mega Pixel Camera. Both offer there own unique blend of benefits and drawbacks, but when utilized properly by a professional surveillance installation company such as Sintel Systems, you can get the perfect combination suited to your needs.
An Internet Protocol (IP) Camera is an incredibly versatile option that is suitable for many different applications. First introduced in 1999 an IP Camera sends the video stream directly to either a Network Video Recorder (NVR) for recording or record directly onto a flash storage device. These cameras have simplified surveillance set ups for many users nationwide. By eliminating the need for wires and a physical Digital Video Recorder (DVR), it has now become much simpler to set up a camera system for locations with wireless internet access. However an IP Camera still has its drawbacks. Because an IP Camera is completely dependent on an internet connection to work, this means that all somebody would have to do is turn off your internet and all of your cameras would stop working. This is a major vulnerability with IP cameras and can make the difference between capturing a intruder or thief or letting them get away. Also due to the video signal being broadcasted wireless you also have to deal with slightly lower quality image resolution and the risk of having your video stream intercepted by unauthorized parties.
A Mega Pixel Camera refers to a surveillance camera that is very high resolution and is capable of capturing even the smallest details in an image. These types of cameras normally cost a premium but can offer countless advantages as well. In some cases a well placed mega pixel camera can do the job of 3 or 4 standard cameras. This is due to the superior image quality provided by Mega Pixel Cameras. Imagine being able to see the license plate of a car from 400 yards away. The sheer image clarity of a quality Mega Pixel Camera makes them forth considering when planning out your surveillance system.


With advancements in technology happening more frequently then ever before, technology is able to meet the demands of consumers rather quickly. With the introduction of IP Cameras and Mega Pixel cameras the Surveillance industry has taken a huge step towards providing consumers and business owners the features they require. It is a sure bet that closed circuity television (CCTV) technology will continue to advance and provide an even higher level of benefit to its users.
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