85 Degrees C – New Self Serve Bakery from Taiwan Opens in Southern California

85 Degrees in Sintel Systems Point of Sale article 85 Degree C which is considered the “Starbucks of Taiwan” has opened 3 locations within Southern California in West Covina, Irvine, and Hacienda Heights to expand its footstep into the United States. Currently there are more than 700 85°C locations worldwide in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and the United States.
The stores concept is relatively new since most bakeries do not offer self serve but this format is obviously working for their brand. The format is as follows; you grab your tongs, a tray and select the breads or other baked goods you would like from the plastic bins. After you take to the counter where it is packaged for you. The only products that are not self serve is the drinks and coffee that they offer, which is actually how the store got its name. One of its founders, Cheng-Hsueh Wu, believed that coffee should be served at 85 degrees Celsius but it was considered too hot. Regardless that the serving temperature was considered too hot, the name still stuck.
According to Stephanie Peng, who is the brands project manager, “85 started because our founder really found that going to a coffee shop or dining at a hotel for a slice of cake – and for all the luxury items – was actually at a very expensive price.” (Source: Southern California Public Radio) The bakery offers over 70 different breads and baked goods which are priced between $1-3, which is considered relativity inexpensive compared to other bakeries.
Its success was originally due to the relatively low cost luxury goods it offers along with its following from Asian Americans, but has now grown past race and geography. The brand is a long way from competing with Starbucks but they’re growing slowly. The chain’s U.S. stores on average make more than $700,000 in monthly sales, seven times more than what the average store makes in China, according to a January presentation on 85°C’s website. All of its’ United States locations are currently company-owned and they are currently not looking for franchises. It’s the chain’s largest store at 5,200 square feet and it is said to draw the same amount of customer traffic as drug stores twice its size. Gourmet Master Co. Ltd. which is 85 degrees Celsius became a publicly traded company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corp. in 2010
Southern California Locations Are Listed Below:
Irvine: 2700 Alton Pkwy Suite 123, Irvine, CA 92606 (949) 553-8585
Hacienda Heights: 17170 Colima Rd, Bixby Hacienda Plaza Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 (626) 839-7885
West Covina: 2626 E Garvey Ave S., West Covina, CA 91791 (626) 915-7885
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