What happens if your bar, pub, or restaurant POS Systems is not the best and the needed service is not there? Is the cheapest Point of Sale your best option? Can you afford to take risk with your POS System?

Recently, I walked into a local San Francisco bar & restaurant and noticed something that is unfortunately becoming more and more common amongst many retailers in San Francisco, the bay area generally, all over the nation: Unused or underused POS systems next to a cash register making the already small counter areas a total mess. Imagine this: A cash register, sitting next to a POS system, with a bulky credit card machines next to that, and the orders still being yelled back to the kitchen. This is more common amongst owner owned business (majority in San Francisco) since many owners of small businesses think that they cannot get franchise level service for their local operations.
So what’s the problem you ask? Why is this happening?
When purchasing the POS systems, the wrong decisions are made to buy a point-of-sale solely based on the lowest price. There is little fault with the business owner since they are so busy with their business that they don’t have the time and resources to thoroughly research the topic.
IMG_7339A POS system is the center of a bar or restaurants revenue flow. To put this in perspective, the typical business runs revenue many times the value of a POS system thought the system IN A SINGLE DAY, so why would a business owner opt out for cheap system? Lack of knowledge coupled with untrustworthy sales methods typically lead to system failure. A one day failure or lack of needed support when needed can wipe out any perceived savings. The owner of the particular establishment I visited decided to go for a system that simply advertised “Complete POS systems for $…..” Well, the system ended up not being complete, was not user friendly, was not integrated with the POS machine and lacked many needed attributes. Most importantly, there was no support or training. Now the owner is left with an expensive counter top decoration and daily frustration.
Solution: Sintel Systems will help stop the mess and literally “wipe the counter” clean and start right. All the items previously on the counter were replaced by a single integrated POS System with a credit card reader on the side, a Kitchen Display System (KDS) (no need to shout out orders anymore), an attached customer display monitor, a thermal printer, an under counter heavy-duty cash drawer, and a back office station for total control. MOST importantly, Sintel Systems provided training and is always available to assist with any technical or functional issues as they rise. The owner of this business now saves over a hour a day in accounting and is not worried about leaving his restaurant for a couple of hours. He knows that with Sintel Systems behind him, his employees can simply contact Sintel Systems for any challenge.
The question now is “What to do with the time and money he is saving?” Expand operations, spend time with family, vacation, or all the above????
Moral of the story: You don’t need a franchise level budget for a high level of service.
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