The Great San Francisco Gelato Challenge of 2011

Part I: The Gelato Challenge
Sintel Systems has a long history of serving the frozen dessert industry. We have the fortune of working in some of the most delicious industries out there. We still love those frozen delights as much as we did when we were kids looking forward to the next gelato (I personally prefer sorbet), ice cream, or frozen yogurt and of course smoothies. While gaining the trust and relationship of new gelateria makes our business succeed, it gives another tastier benefit.
Gelato & Ice Cream POS System
Every time we come across the next gelateria to offer our point of sale POS system, we also get a taste of this rich and fruity delight. Can you find a better job to do? We are a professional, but fun cultured organization and like to allow our staff intellectual freedom. As we expanded into serving the San Francisco gelato industry, we set up a fun challenge. Instead of introducing our POS systems to the many gelato creameries in San Francisco, we decided to try each and rate them for taste.
Now given San Francisco’s rich Italian heritage we knew that we should be able to find many gelaterias (hopefully also sorbet) serving it up We’ll tell you the results of the challenge shortly, but we are very excited.