Wendy's online and mobile ordering

Sintel-FastFood-QRSThe burger chain, Wendy’s is seeking to acquire the 3 pieces which the company is confident will be detrimental in setting it on its way to digital evolution and success. Wendy’s states that these 3 things are: expanding its delivery service, online and mobile ordering, and self-order kiosks.
Since the beginning of last year Wendy’s partnered with DoorDash to offer its customers delivery food service. Many other quick service restaurants like Burger King, IHOP, and Chipotle, have already partnered with DoorDash. Delivery orders have become especially popular so this partnership is sure to prove worthwhile.
The second incremental piece towards their success is online ordering and its mobile app. Wendy’s wants to really start focusing on mobile ordering because after it piloted its mobile app in certain locations, the company saw better restaurant performance. The company is also doing really well at marketing its app seeing as it is currently offering a buy 1 get 1 free promotion  to those that download the app. This digital offer to customers is very enticing and engaging so its leading to download numbers to increase.
Wendy’s is now moving to get all its locations ready to offer mobile ordering. The company is looking to introduce a reward point system into its app as well. Mobile ordering will also help test customers’ loyalty to this burger franchise.
The third part to Wendy’s plan to success involves self-order kiosks. Wendy’s says kiosks are helpful throughout the busy parts of the day, enhance the customer experience, and help cut labor costs. For these reasons Wendy’s is installing kiosks at more of its restaurants.
Wendy’s is striding to get all of these things moving into place so that this investment that they have made into modernizing their point of sale system brings them greater success.
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