Sonic Has Plans to Utilize POS Kiosk-Only Ordering

Sonic Drive-In after 20 straight years of using the same POS system is moving out with the old and in with new drive thru kiosks. They have made a digital ordering system which they refer to as POPS (Point of Personalized Service). Alicia Kelso writes in her article “Sonic’s new display technology driving average check increases,” that the new POP system kiosks at the drive thru put in place include both a touchscreen and they can connect to a mobile app to help customer’s send messages specifying instructions on their order. Sonic is now using technology such as mobile ordering to give customers a more unique experience.
These new kiosk drive thru displays at Sonic restaurants allows customers to interact with the digital menu at each drive-in stall. And since Sonic is solely a restaurant that focuses on drive-thru ordering it’s POS Kiosk technology has to be better than good. So far Sonic is happy with the results they’ve received after testing their new POS Kiosk-Only ordering system along with their mobile ordering app. Sonic states that they realize that great food and taste is what customers like but technology plays a huge part in how that food will be delivered to the customer.
Sonic believes technology will greatly influence the overall experience which includes making the ordering process simpler, preparing the food faster, allowing more time for associates to serve their guests better, and delivering food that will shape customers’ opinion and restaurant loyalty. And so far Sonic’s POPS Kiosk drive thru systems is delivering on all this.
Sonic also believes that both product and technological innovation is what’s going to keep customers coming back.
What’s more is that it’s not just the customers that benefit from the technological advancements put in place by Sonic, but the employees as well because it allows them to better manage and service people.
drive thru-Sintel System-POS-Front-View-Red
And when speaking about POS systems and kiosks it has to be mentioned that Sintel Systems, a direct and single source provider that can help businesses in the food industry with a new POS system, has also just recently released their new-generation POS kiosk system. Their kiosk system’s most notable feature is it’s built in EMV reader. Before, Sintel System’s kiosks had the EMV right outside, front and center, but now the reader has been placed right inside for a sleeker look. Sintel System’s new kiosk also includes a built in printer and a 2D scanner.
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