Walmart's mobile POS Checkout

Walmart-mobile POS-Sintel-BlogWalmart has decided to test a new type of mobile POS solution called “Check Out with Me” at its Lawn and Garden Centers. This new mobile POS technology involves outfitting Walmart associates with cellular devices and Bluetooth printers that all work to allow them to check customers out. Customers can check out and pay for their items with any associate who has this POS technology. This was all done in an effort to help customers avoid the inconvenience of having to go inside a Walmart store in order to checkout out, pay, and come back outside to load up their vehicles.
Walmart has been doing a lot to stay in the competition, especially since a lot of stores and customers are going with online and mobile POS technology.
This technology also happens to bring customers back to having a more human-interactive-experience. This is particularly shocking since more stores are opting to expand their self-checkout lanes which minimize the human interaction when checking out.
Adam Silverman, senior vice president of marketing at Theatro, mentioned how “Check Out with Me,” “By providing employees with these tools to provide on-the-spot checkout, Walmart is creating a smarter and more helpful associate.”
“Check Out with Me” is out there to revolution the customer check out experience so it becomes more personalized.
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