kiosks at Walmart

The retail chain Walmart is introducing and introducing kiosks in the toy aisles at some of the company’s stores in Texas. According to Deena Amato-McCoy’s “Report: Walmart testing kiosks to create ‘an endless aisle’” says that this new kiosk solution “connects shoppers to available inventory at store-level, and if it’s not on-hand, the device enables them to order it online….” The kiosks are meant to allow customers to choose from a large selection of toys that the store currently sells.
The kiosks also make toy suggestions in the event that the customer is not sure what to choose or buy. The kiosk then offers the customer the best seller toys after the customer answers a few key questions regarding the child’s age, gender, and whether the toy is a gift. If the customer’s toy choice is unavailable in-store, they can order it from Walmart’s website and choose the delivery.
This interactive shopping experience was also dubbed the “endless aisle” kiosk. This “endless aisle” kiosk moves Walmart into becoming a much more digital store because it’s decided to push into online ordering. Especially since online ordering and shopping have become such a huge part of customers’ lives. This was all done by Walmart in their effort to tackle their biggest competitor: Amazon.
Sintel System, a direct and single source provider that can help businesses in the retail industry with a new POS system, is keeping up with other big businesses’ technological advancements. Sintel System has just recently released their new-generation POS kiosk system. Their kiosk system’s most notable feature is it’s built in EMV reader. Before, Sintel System’s kiosks had the EMV right outside, front and center, but now the reader has been placed right inside for a sleeker look. Sintel System’s new kiosk also includes a built in printer and a 2D scanner.
Walmart-Blog-Sintel-kiosksPlaces like McDonald’s, Walmart, Target, and Panera Bread have already installed kiosks to help with the long lines, to reduce error, provide a unique customer experience, and to help cut labor costs. And for any businesses interested in advancing through online ordering, by adopting a mobile app, and/ or through the implementation of kiosks, visit Sintel Systems website.
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