Delivery Platform Uber Eats Considering Monthly Subscription

Reverse engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong  was poking around in Uber Eats Android App code and discovered placeholders for an upcoming monthly subscription option. Uber has since confirmed the existence of the feature to TechCrunch. At some point in the future, Uber Eats will most likely offer a $9.99 monthly subscription that allows users to place orders without incurring fees during a month.
Regular Uber Eats users would definitely save money; in general the delivery fee is about 15% of an order cost. Some of Uber’s competitors in the third party delivery industry such as Postmates already offer a monthly service. Postamtes Unlimited  is a $9.99 per month membership, in which “members receive free delivery on orders from all merchants on the Postmates platform when the order size is over $15.” DoorDash also offers a similar cost-saving service called DashPass.
Uber Eats offering a monthly service may help to retain customers. A study found that 21% of Uber Eats customers had a GrubHub account, 24% had a DoorDash account and 12% had a Postmates account. The numbers are similar for other companies. A signifigant amount of customers toggle between delivery platforms based on what they are ordering and what promotion a the delivery service may be running. Unfortunaately, Uber is keeping mum on when they plan to roll out the service. But when the service is started, it will definitely be a big blow to Uber Eats rivals.
Uber Eats is currently part of Uber’s free-to-join rewards programs, in which frequent users earn Uber Cash the more they use the app’s services. The program currently allows riders to earn $5 in cash for every 500 points they obtain. The more points earned, the more rewards. The Uber cash can be redeemed for rides or Uber Eats orders.
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