Time To Upgrade Your Restaurant POS?

Best-Point-of-sale-Software-sintel-systemSome aspects of your restaurant are like a fine wine, which improve with age. Your experience, reputation and skills all develop over time as you learn the business and the clientele learns to trust you. But what needs modernizing? The restaurant point of sale (both hardware and software) is often overlooked when considering the smooth running of business and optimizing efficiency, but the reality is that a strong POS system is essential to keep you on track.

Let’s consider hardware that is five years old.  On the lower end of the estimate, these systems have been used at least for about 20,000 hours and have been on for up to 40,000 hours. Remembering that POS systems are commercial grade computers and have a limited life cycle, general wear and tear eventually decreases system performance.

Then you factor in your operating system. Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP about two years ago. Stopping support meant that they no longer provided updates needed for the operation systems of the POS. Over time, other issues have arisen including the systems no longer being PCI compliant and being unable to become EMV compliant. This causes systems to under-perform. New POS systems are accompanied by Windows POS Ready embedded operating systems.

As for the restaurant POS software and other integrated software components (gift/loyalty programs), they continue to advanced and place increasing demands on the POS hardware and operating system. While some of the advancement have been software related and can be put off temporarily, other advancements have been compulsory and associated with the merchant account service. As they advance, they require more processing power and memory. This trend will continue.

Luckily, the right solution is easy to find. Sintel Systems is a direct and one-stop global POS provider, meaning you have one point of contact for an entirely integrated system. With the most reliable hardware available and upgrades and adjustments made to software from all-inclusive support, all your POS requirements are taken care of- so you can focus on the client.

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