The Yogurtland experience

Owner Phillip Chang open his first Yogurtland 10 year ago in the city of Fullerton, California. Phillip had one goal in mind: provide a self-serve frozen yogurt experience that gives customers the highest quality ingredients and flavors to fill their cups. He drew in crows from 50 miles away. Mr. Chang knew that the community shared his same passion for quality and choice. There are so many flavors to choose from and they are constantly creating new flavors. Yogurtland’s team of flavorologist have created over 200 flavors a little something for everyone. They only use fresh ingredients, you know it is fresh when you see the seeds in the strawberry yogurt flavor.  At Yogurtland they believe in helping to make your good day great. So have some Yogurtland while you catch up with your friends. Take the family for some delicious yogurt that will light up your day and your families.
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