Pizza Hut or Dominos

Pizza hut and Domino’s Pizza have been competing for a very long time. Dominos open their first pizzeria in 1960. Domino’s operates more than 12,600 pizza restaurants in 80 countries and delivers more than 1 million pizzas each day. Domino’s delivery experts drive more than 10 million miles across the United States every week to bring you the best food we can make. Talk about passion! Pizza hut open their first pizzeria in 1958, just two years before Domino’s Pizza. With more than 15,000 restaurants and 300,000 team members in more than 90 countries. Pizza Hut does not follow trends, they set them by talking to fans and learning from their restaurants all over the world. These two pizza chain restaurants have a very similar menu, besides selling pizza they both offer from pastas, desserts to flavored chicken wings including beverages. Each one of them have a very unique taste to their pizza. I believe they are both delicious and great for any occasion.
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