Mexican Fast Food Chain Taco Bell Hosts 'The Bell' A Taco Bell Themed Resort

American-Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell is opening a hotel for a limited time this summer. ‘The Bell’ in Palm Springs, CA will be open 4 nights beginning August 8th. According to the Taco Bell website, all rooms are currently sold out.
Taco Bell article @ Sintel Systems
In 2012 Taco Bell introduced the slogan Live Más (“Live More”), and for Taco Bell fans, staying at the hotel seems a great way to do that. The Bell will have the usual amenities such a restaurant, pool, a gift shop, etc., but each will  be heavily branded with Taco Bell’s aesthetic.
In addition to selling food, Taco Bell likes sell a taco themed lifestyle. On August 7th, 2017, Taco Bell’s flagship restaurant in Las Vegas announced that they were offering a wedding package. The eatery even has a wedding chapel on the second floor for the happy occasions. Couples only need provide a valid marriage license and Taco Bell does the rest. They currently offer a $600 wedding package which includes a ceremony in the chapel inside the restaurant with an ordained officiant, food and Taco Bell wedding swag. As of summer 2019, over 70 couples have tied the knot at the Taco Bell wedding chapel. Also, the chapel has already been booked for  dates in 2020 and 2021.
While The Bell hotel and Taco Bell Chapel seem like a fun way for Taco Bell to advertise their brand, people seem genuinely interested. While stats on the hotel aren’t yet available, Taco Bell says that couples of every age range have gotten married at the chapel. This speaks to consumers seeking unique and interesting experiences while dining. Customer perception is shifting, they don’t have to settle for the same options as everyone else, but can customize whatever they are ordering. This dovetails nicely with the rise of omni channel purchasing options. The customer purchases the product when and how they want to.
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