Surveillance – Hidden Camera – Spy Camera

You don’t have to be James Bond to have sophisticated, concealed spy gadgetry. 855-CCTV-SAL offers a range of specialized Hidden Cameras for video and audio recording. Designed to look like common, everyday objects, these uniquely crafted spy cameras can be invaluable tools against crime.
The C-LIGHTER, C-PEN, C-WATCH and C-KEY Spy Recorders each display and record both video and audio in 640×480 resolution, and save video in AVI format. Additionally, these devices can be used to take snapshot pictures in 1280×960 resolution. An astounding 4GB can be stored within the devices, and a built-in USB 2.0 Port allows for quick uploading, file sharing, and recharging. The C-PEN and C-WATCH will also perform their natural functions, and will not be identifiable as recording devices.
Hidden Cameras from 855-CCTV-SAL come in many additional forms, such as the C-CLOCK and C-EXIT. Call 855-CCTV-SAL for more information.

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