Starbucks Offers Workers A Full Ride For College

starbucks coffeeMid 2014 Starbucks announced it would be providing their workers with a tuition benefit that would cover two years of college classes. In a bold move by the coffee shop giant, Starbucks partnered with Arizona State University Online to launch their College Achievement Plan. In hopes of rebuilding the “American Dream,” the program focuses on helping underprivileged teens and staff get an education. All part time and full time workers without a four year degree have the opportunity to apply. Unrestricted to a business major the program offers 49 degrees and allows workers to leave the company once they have graduated.
Yesterday Starbucks announced it will be expanding the program and providing a full ride for college students.
With approximately 2,000 students already enrolled in the college achievement plan they hope to aid 25,000 students graduate in the following ten years. In the ensuing years Starbucks will spend at least 250 million to help their employees get a degree.
Providing education opportunities for adults/teens will evidently create an educated work force for American businesses; thereby boosting the American Economy.
Sintel Systems, as a retailer of Point of Sale Software to coffee shops, appreciates the unconventional work Starbucks is doing to help unprivileged youth and American society as a whole.
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