Should I buy a POS system from China?

Over the past few years many electronic industries have been plagued by low price, low quality product offerings coming from China. These products are designed to appear similar to their high quality counterparts to the naked eye, but in reality are comprised of inferior components, software, support, and warranty. Many industries not have been hit with competition from Chinese made ‘knock-off’ product that attract consumers with a very low price point and features comparable to that of their high quality counterparts. Certain items it would be understandable to purchase a Chinese knock off version, for example knock off iPhone charging cables are 3 for $2 and offer a great value, even if they stop working you are getting three cables for 1/10 of the price of a original one. But when it comes to items such as a Point of Sale system, it is a incredible horrible idea to purchase a Chinese made Point of Sale system.
A few of the key factors involved with POS purchases should be the quality of the hardware and how reliable it is, the ease of use of the software and its features, the warranty provided and the process involved with replacements, and finally the support given by the company to get you trained and familiar with the system. These four main categories must be considered when shopping for a POS. It is no surprise that Chinese knock off POS systems fall short in all four of these categories.


When it comes to the quality of components used, many of these lower quality POS systems simple will not stand up to the test of time. A POS system stays on for extended periods of time and is exposed to water splashes and other interference, therefore it is essential that a POS system be constructed to be reliable and long lasting. Many Chinese made POS systems are not. Sintel Systems only offers the best quality point of sale systems with dependable construction and components, you are in safe hands with a Sintel Systems POS. With our POS Suppliers based out of the US, we know the importance of quality built hardware.
A point of sale system is only as good as the software that it runs. Business owners demand many exuberant features such as gift card systems, loyalty point programs, employee time clock management and extensive reporting features. Would you trust your business in a software that was created with the sole purpose of having a low selling price? Not to mention all of the potential bugs the software may contain. Having a powerful, easy to use and feature rich POS software is very important and many Chinese made POS systems fall short in this category. Sintel Systems is based out of California and has a very close relation ship with its software partners. We provide a high level of support to all of our customers and are available to train new employees and answer your questions. Our software goes through extensive testing to ensure it is bug free and ready for the fast paced industries we cater to.
Buying electronics is something that we as a society have become accustomed to. After all, our everyday lives are beginning to revolve more and more around electronics. We are all well versed in researching for our next big screen TV or our next portable music player. The value of a good Warranty program can go a long way when making your decision about the next big electronics purchase you will make. So it makes sense to look for a POS system that is backed by a strong Warranty program. POS systems purchased from China do not offer anywhere near the same level of warranty coverage and assistance. With the key roll a POS plays in your business, you can’t afford to be without one for weeks on end while waiting for a warranty part. Sintel Systems hardware includes a 3 year warranty and we can even help facilitate warranty exchanges for all of our customers on active support plans. This takes the headache out of the entire process and ensures fast turn around times.
Over and above all, Sintel Systems takes care of its customers with top notch Support. Our US based technical support team is available to answer your questions by phone or email. We are available to offer training to your employees and answer your questions about the software, hardware, and even credit card processing. Our staff is knowledgeable in all of the products we offer in order to provide the best possible experience for the end user. Our systems are pre-configured before shipping out and are tailor made to suit your specific needs. Don’t be caught dead in the water with a POS system that has no support. Many POS systems made in China do not offer any type of support, let alone support based out of the United States.
If you want to avoid the headaches and pains involved with a cheap POS system made in China, consider going with a high quality POS provider such as Sintel Systems. We are committed to proving our customers the tools they need to be successful. Sintel Systems aligns its goals with the customers to help you grow and become the next big thing in your industry. From Frozen Yogurt shops, Restaurants, to Pizzerias, Sintel Systems has got you covered.
Chinese products are quickly flooding the US marketplace with lower quality goods and cheap prices. Many scholars have written books regarding this very issue that is quickly gaining attention in the US. One such book is called The Coming China Wars by Peter Navarro which goes into details about how we can win this battle against inferior Chinese production. Check out the trailer to the upcoming movie called Death by China which outlines the situation the United States is currently in and America can avoid being a subsidiary of China.
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