Looking for a cheap point of sale (POS) system? Somethings got to give!

So you are in the market for a car. What are you looking for? A cheap car? A good deal? An economical car? There are many criteria to base your decision on and it is important to consider all of these different things when making a decision. A good deal or economical car delivers value, but a cheap car will actually end up costing the most. This attempt of trying to buy cheap used cars prior to the late 1990s gave way to the “certified pre-owned vehicles” we all see now. Do you know why used card sales men have such a horrible connotation? They would sell a cheap car to a customer who was looking for a good deal, but then the customer got stuck wit a cheap car that started having problems. The consumers distaste with this is what allowed the large car dealers to start offering “certified pre-owned vehicles.”


Cheap – Used car that keeps on breaking down. What was cheap, ends up being much more expensive.

Value – Economical vehicle that gets the job done.

Good Deal – A Mercedes at the price of Honda.

So why all this talk about cars when we are really interested in a POS system for your restaurant? Because, first, you need to make sure to know if you are looking for a cheap POS, a value POS, or a good deal on your point of sale purchase. If you are looking for a cheap POS sale system, you are better off buying a cash register because that cheap POS will cost you more than any other POS systems. ¬†Why? Because Somethings Got to Give! The cheap POS provider must cut back or give something up to get you the POS system at the cheapest possible price. Lets compare it to a gourmet hamburger restaurant which advertises 99 cent burgers. If premium beef is sold at $5.00 per pound, how can a gourmet restaurant offer a burger at 99 cents? Again, something’s got to give!
What Sintel Systems does is deliver value and a good deal at the same time. How? We deliver value by having a streamlined system & offering our customers a high level of service. We offer a good deal because we are betting on your long term success. By providing single store locations with franchise level hardware and support at below market prices, we up and coming business become the next big thing. The idea is that by investing in a powerful, yet easy to use system at a great value from Sintel Systems, a business owner frees up funds to use towards marketing and expanding the business. And eventually the business owner will hopefully become successful enough to open additional locations and get additional POS systems through Sintel Systems. We succeed only if you succeed and by aligning our goals with each other, we can give your new business the boost it needs to take the industry by storm and expand.
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