Shake Shack Is Coming to California!

Shake Shack
Although, California has remained faithful to our own In-N-Out burger chain, we have seen other East Coast joints like Five Guys have a prominent standing in the market.
The New York based chain restaurant started out as a cart in Madison Square Park in July of 2004. Shake Shack, staying true to its name, is best know for its delectable flavors of shakes. Patrons can mix and match flavors ranging from tradition strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla or savory caramel and peanut butter shakes. Granted, angus beef burgers are also a staple entrèe on their menus. Unlike McDonald’s, they capitalize on fresh ingredients and 100% natural beef.
Since going public in January 2015, Shake Shack has seen a substantial increase in their own stock prices. Thus providing the funds needed for the chains expansion but before developments in the sunny state Shake Shack went international.
With great success, the burger joint opened restaurants in London, Russia, Turkey, and the middle east, including Dubai.
Having moved as far west as Las Vegas, California expects to see the first Shake Shack opening in 2016 on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and West Knoll Drive. The West Hollywood location preserves their sustainable motto and will house an outdoor patio.
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