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Roscoe's chicken and waffles
Herb Hudsen founded the California-based soul food, Roscoe’s Chicken’ n Waffles restaurant in Long Beach. They are well known for having the best waffles served with fried chicken. There is currently seven locations in California with more to come. They quickly became famous due to the fact that Hudson had many friends including television friends. For example Natalie Cole who is a singer and song writer was one of Hudson’s close friends. She quickly helped spread the word of the new restaurant known as Roscoe’s. The Los Angeles Times referred Roscoe’s as “such an L.A. institution that people don’t even question the strange combo of chicken with waffles anymore.” The New York Times refers to it as a “beloved soul food chain”. The original location in Hollywood remains popular with many well known celebrities including previous president Barak Obama!
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