Japanese Cooking Robot Makes Breakfast in 6 Minutes

Students of Tokyo University have invented a cooking robot  ‘Lorraine’ that makes breakfast in six minutes. They were inspired by the breakfast machine in “Back to the Future” and named their invention after Marty’s mother. Lorraine operates a coffee maker to make a cup of coffee. With the help of a toaster and hot plate, ‘she’ also cooks a breakfast platter of toast, sauteed vegetables, bacon and a sunny-side up egg. Loraine is controlled from a smartphone app.
The six minute breakfast cooking robot is set to hit the market in 2020. Hotels will be the first testers. While currently the breakfast robot is more of a novelty than an every day appliance, the food industry is becoming more and more technology driven. Market research firms project that
the online food delivery business stands to reach over 90 million USD by 2323. It’s important to have reliable, digital solutions to streamline your restaurant operations.

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