Retail It Var Of the Future

retail it var of the futureThe retail landscape is constantly changing. New technology and business models urge solution providers to remain innovative. Although, a national conference brought to us by Business Solution Magazine offers the information needed to remain attentive to the developing market.
Retail It VAR Of The Future is the premier location for solution providers looking to be educated about market changes. Held at Bally’s Las Vegas, May 12-13, Retail It VAR will discuss the four trendiest topics in retail, including EMV payment processing, customer experience/engagement, mPOS and POS-as-a-Service.
Educational topics were complied of information on analysts’ data, polling readers, and  small/large retailers needs and planned spending.
Specifically informative for VARs (value-added reseller) and MSP (managed service providers), attendees can expect workshops by leading experts.
MSP are companies that maintain your technology for a certain period of time at an allotted price. They offer network maintenance, hardware repair, help desk, and various other day to day administrator tasks.
VAR companies have very similar structures. They operate as third party software resellers along with configuration, customization, and other services.
The difference between both solution provider structures is usually the length of time they work with the end user. MSP customarily operate under longer, open ended contracts.
Business Solutions Magazine tackles real-world information that will help your business prosper. Everything from liability shift (EMV) to exclusive insights  will help you better understand the retail industry.
This year confronts one of the most important changes taking place, the Liability Shift. Many retailers do not understand the move towards EMV capable point of sale systems and the implications it will have for them. Although, all non EMV capable terminals will continue to work after the October 1 deadline it is important to understand who is at fault of fraud under the liability shift.Sintel System Retail POS Software
Don’t miss out on the chance to network with others in the industry. Visit Retail It VAR Of The Future for more information and registration.
To best assist our clients we seek to remain informative about changing aspects in the point of sale industry.
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