Chipotle Can't Prevent People From Overeating

chipotleControversy arose when Chipotle founder, Steve Ellis, told CNNMoney, “There’s really nothing that we can do to prevent people from eating a certain quantity of food.” Chipotle had recently announced all genetically modified ingredients on their menu where going to be removed, which lead dietitians to question their healthful mission.
Chipotle’s menu notifies customers of calorie counts but continue to argue they can’t limit someones consumption. They offer customers healthy options and calorie counts; nevertheless, they have a higher inclination to order excess amounts.
Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics agrees with Chipotle. People are visual eaters and will consumer what they see. With so many options on display, it is difficult for customers not to add on extras.
Nutritionist Jessica Cording describes the problem deriving from restaurants that serves oversize meals. People expect a super sized portion. Chiptole would lose customers if portions they started serving less.
Despite these facts, Cording states, the quick serve restaurant can make a difference. Due to hunger being visual, the Mexican Grill can modify bowls to seemingly be more full than they really are.
Simply even half portion options or preset menu of the healthiest combinations can make a difference.
Health conscious customers are recommended to use Chipotle’s online calorie counter.
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