Restaurant Startup Episode 6: Sweet Investment

101701006-restaurant-startup-mezz-2-new_1910x1000This week’s episode of Restaurant Startup focused on sweet treats. Sugar Knife is a small startup that infuses alcohol in each and every product. Their popups have focused on the popular smores bar. The sticky pig is also a dessert business that identifies itself as a“bacon-centric sweet shop,” with interesting choices like bacon truffles.
Ultimately, Tim and Joe choose the Sugar Knife, although they both agree that the two business owners (Jenna and Josh) don’t have the best vision. This means the couple will need to work on their growth potential immensely to transform their small business to a brick and mortar.
To begin, they need to change the logo because f and Tim didn’t think it represented the sweets they were selling. Jenna “wanted to keep the edge to it,” so they decide to stick to the skull in the branding even though this went against Joe’s suggestions.
The next problem presents itself because alcohol is a main component in the products.In order to be able to send their products for sale all over the nation and internationally as well, the legal issues need to be covered. It is important to consider that products in California can have less than 5% alcohol by weight, but other locations can switch to as low as 0.5% alcohol by weight. In order to solve this issue, “alcohol reduction” needs to be used, which involves heating the alcohol to reduce the proof. Surprisingly, this intensifies the flavor of the marshmallow, leaving the couple happy with the result overall.
Before they can launch, Waylynn tells them a new recipe must be created for a special and unique item on the menu, as well as ideas for drinks to be served.With all this new information, Jenna struggles to deal with all the changes that must be made to the business. Regardless, she continues on in hopes of ending with an investment.
After the launch, Tim and Joe are impressed. They believe the public will respond well to the smores and all that Sugar Knife has to offer. However, Tim doesn’t believe the company is worth $1.5 million as the couple believes. Joe encourages them to go wholesale, but that is not what Jenna wants. In the end, neither Tim nor Joe have a deal that satisfy what Sugar Knife is looking for, and they leave without an investment.
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