Quick-Service Chains Jump on the Loyalty Bandwagon

loyaltyMany companies have begun to see the importance of loyalty programs in connection with profits. As a point of sale provider to the restaurant industry, from quick serve to full dining restaurants, Sintel systems restaurant point of sale software‘s integrated loyalty program provides the stepping stone to which countless companies have begun migrating towards.
Since launching mobile ordering and payment, Taco Bell, has begun designing a program with the desires to stand out amongst other chains. Thinking of creative ways to cement relationships with consumers, fast food chains have implemented games into their plans and other trendy components.
Wendy’s has taken their program a step further to introduce completely new point of sale systems that will bolster mobile ordering and rewards. Full unit systems are expected to be introduced to 6,500 stores by the end of 2016.
Various chains are testing their programs in assorted markets and have seen a large following among their fans. Loyalty programs have been used by full service brands for years but it wasn’t until recently that quick-service chains started following suit. The problem with large chains is the multitude of restaurants that are often franchises, which makes endorsement of loyalty programs difficult. Although, widespread use of mobile apps by fast food chains has paved the way for introduction of such programs. Thus making loyalty programs the obvious next  step in marketing.
Endorsing a following of ten million mobile users the coffee shop tycoon, Starbucks, is known as the leader in loyalty programs. Not only do they provide guest the opportunity to pay with their smartphones at their stores but soon plan to roll out a mobile ordering and payment feature. My Starbucks rewards will also support a delivery function in some markets.
Even convenience stores have materialized their own loyalty programs. Widespread use of these types of programs have caused quick-service chains to join the bandwagon.
The most important aspect of loyalty programs is the information they provide. They grant the opportunity to collect data for target marketing. Restaurants are able to gather data and preferences in order to coordinate advertising to a certain geographical area or faction; thereby maximizing profits.
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