Professional Terminal vs All In One Tablet

How to choose between a professional terminal and all-in-one tablet for your point of sale? Whatever your hardware needs, Sintel Systems can provide the perfect solution to meet your individual needs.

Professional 5i terminal Sintel Systems Ti-Tablet-vs-Professional-hardware-Sintel-Systems
5i Terminal
Performance: Intel Processor & DDR3 RAM
Maintenance: Zero Bezel Frame
Durability: Aluminum Housing
Longevity:  Heat Sink Technology
Stability:  SSD Hard Drive
Ti Tablet
10 ” Removable and Tilting Tablet
Docking Station
Built in Magnetic Stripe Reader & Receipt Printer
I/O Ports for additional peripherals
WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled

Sintel Systems professional Model 5i is the perfect choice for almost every business imaginable. With aluminum housing to protect the motherboard from consistent use, heat sink technology and a solid state hard drive means no moving parts, and a zero bezel frame for easy maintenance, the 5i is designed to last for years and years.

Sintel Systems Model Ti (tablet & iPad) offers a sleek all-in-one (AIO) point of sale solution. A removable 10″ mobile tablet, built in receipt printer, and built in credit card reader is ready to compliment your business. Optional 13″ cash drawers further save space and give your counter the sleek modern appeal.

Both the Model Ti and the 5i have customizable, intuitive user interfaces that maximize productivity, while customer and business management features help streamline customer flow and increase revenue. The back office provides robust business analytics to streamline employee, vendor, and inventory management to help maximize profitability and control losses.

To discuss your point of sale needs with a specialist, arrange a live online demo or simply get more information via mail or email, contact Sintel Systems today.