POS: Tutti Frutti & Sintel Systems Continue Global Expansion

Tutti FruttiNew York – December 4, 2013 – Tutti Frutti continues it expansion across several continents with self-serve frozen yogurt point of sale (POS) provider Sintel Systems (www.FrozenYogurtPOS.com)
How to order your Tutti Frutti POS system:
1. http://www.TuttiFruttiPointofSale.com/ or Call 855-POS-SALE and ask for the Tutti Frutti franchise POS package.
2. Take care of all your other opening needs.
3. Receive the POS system and call 972-POS-TECH and we will take care of the rest.
Sintel Systems, a leading provider of point of sale products to Tutti Frutti has provided all related point of sale system needs from the brand’s inception.
Tutti Frutti offers many of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings to its customers. Within the frozen yogurt industry, they are considered to be one of the largest.
Countless Tutti Frutti franchisees have partnered up with Sintel Systems to provide them with business solutions for their point of sale needs for their frozen yogurt businesses along with other needs including gift cards, loyalty point programs, and marketing paraphernalia making Sintel Systems the POS provider to Tutti Fruttis all over.
Sintel Systems is a quality provider point of sale systems to the frozen yogurt industry and creameries (ice cream, gelato, etc.). You can see our videos on our frozen yogurt POS systems in English & Spanish. Single Source Business Solutions! HardwareSoftware Support
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