Pizza Point of Sale POS Software vs. Restaurant POS Software

855-POS-SALE www.BestPizzaPOS.comA common question amongst pizzeria owners is what is the difference between point of sale (POS) software designed for a pizza shop POS systems and software for restaurants POS. This question itself needs clarification: What type of pizzeria and what type of restaurant are we talking about? If we assume that most pizza shops offer dine in and delivery, then most of the attributes of POS software are within range.
For those starting a new pizza store or looking for their first POS system, sometimes fragments of a bigger picture are seen. The software for a Pizza POS is only part of a much bigger package. The right software must be integrated into the right hardware accompanied by effective service, support, and training. The right dough, tasty sauce, and ingredients don’t turn into a delicious pizza without an oven and a pizzaiolo or pizzaiola (Italian for male/female pizza maker).  Same is true for POS.
The software must also address all the other factors including credit / gift card integration and also flex gift cards for franchise or multi-store locations. So, while the software is important, it must be looked at within the context of the entire POS system. The major difference between the two types (pizza and restaurant) of POS software lies within the faster paced and specific requirements of pizzerias. The delivery function and the need to process orders quick lies at the heart of pizza pos software. It’s management of a line of processes that needs to be done effectively. The system must take into consideration from the point a customer calls (or places an order online) to when the delivery hands the pizza over to the customer. This involves taking customer and payment information (phone or online), sending the order to the kitchen, labeling the pizza box, mapping a single location or coordinating multiple deliveries, having the right delivery staff pick up the order, deliver the pizza efficiently, collect payment, and reconcile the order when staff return from delivery. The right POS system needs to be able to accomplish this since many of these functions are not reflected in restaurant POS software systems.
So the right pizza POS systems (& software) starts with the customer’s information. This includes the contact information, delivery address, phone number, and email address for phone, online, or fax orders. It then recalls a repeat customer’s information and previous orders. A regular customer likes to hear “can I get you the usual?” It builds relationship and helps businesses grow. If paying by credit card, the software will also allow for entry of CC information or saving of orders for cash customers and room for employee tips. The POS system through a kitchen printer or kitchen display system will notify the kitchen to make the pizza. Simultaneously, a POS integrated printer will print labels for the pizza box.  The POS integrated mapping function then shows all outstanding delivery orders including those out for delivery allowing coordination of multiple deliveries. Once the pizza is made, it is matched to the box and is ready for delivery. Staff is assigned and then deliver the pizza to the customer and return with either cash or signed credit card receipt. Is this the end of it? Not really. The email function of the software allows for marketing to customers after the purchase.
These are the major differences between a regular restaurant POS systems and one specifically designed for pizza operations. (a division of Sintel Systems) and United Merchant Services (UMS), a premier merchant account provider are looking forward to debuting the latest version of its POS system and integrated credit card processing at the 2013 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas from March 19 to 21, 2013. Visit and UMS at booth 1726.

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