Omni Channel POS Solutions | Sintel Systems

Sintel Systems is kicking off 2019 year with its single source and direct omni channel POS (point of sale) solutions for the fast food (QSR) and full service restaurants.
What is omni channel POS? Is is the ability of your customers to reach you and place their orders in more and more ways. See the following video that explains omni channel:

Did you know that it is projected that up to 30 percent of all orders placed at restaurants will be online and mobile app?  And with rising costs more and more restaurants like McDonalds and Chick-fil-A are fast turning to self order kiosk systems that send orders directly to the Kitchen Display Systems (KDS).
The main components of omni channel POS in the fast food and restaurant industry are:
Online Ordering – Direct to POS
Self-Serve Kiosk Technology