What Is Omni Channel POS and why Is It Important?

Omni channel means that a retail business seeks to provide customers with all encompassing shopping opportunities. To Sintel Systems that means offering effective POS solutions for the quick serve industry where service is provided to the customer where they want it, how they want it.

Obviously a good omni channel strategy offers a company many opportunities to engage customers and can even drive promotions or sales. It definitely can create social media buzz. How many times you seen a friend’s tweet bragging about settling in for a movie marathon accompanied by a pic of some amazing looking food they just had delivered? That’s free advertisement for a company and can inspire other customers to place their own online order. Or it may persuade customers to visit the restaurant to eat in or use the thru drive.
However, when omni channel experiences go badly, it can damage a company’s reputation. How many times have you seen in person or on social media a frustrated customer trying to return a item ordered online, but the local store can’t or won’t process the return in person? Or perhaps a customer has trouble receiving a discount they earned with a customer loyalty card?
Any top athlete will tell you that they need their whole body in peak condition to excel at their sport. Sure, for a runner the legs might be the most important part of the equation, but they also train their arms because good running posture can shave seconds off of a race time. It may be the deciding factor in ending up on the winner’s podium or being in the cheering crowd. It’s no different for a fast food or quick serve restaurant: The whole system needs to operate at peak performance to succeed. If a restaurant has poor communication between drive thru employees and kitchen staff, it can severely affect business. It doesn’t matter how delicious the fries are if they are handed to the customer cold.
Sintel Systems is a global leader in omni channel solutions for the food industry. Our Direct-to-POS online ordering platform was specifically designed for restaurants. This system allows restaurants of all sorts to have a custom, secure website and mobile app to support customer ability for placing orders on the go. Through our omni channel approach, customers can order with an employee using a hand held device at busy drive thrus, order from a kiosk, order from their phone or order from a computer. If they prefer, they can even order inside the restaurant from staff at the counter. All transactions from devices are seamlessly sent to the kitchen display system (KDS) so that kitchen staff is always in the loop.
Sintel Systems serves clients across five continents including Africa, Asia, Latin America (Central/South America), North America, and Oceania. In addition, our vast portfolio of software is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. We have a deep commitment to providing the restaurant industry with user friendly, effective POS solutions that promote order accuracy and customer engagement. Learn more about True Omni Channel POS here.