New York vs. Chicago Style Pizza?

Do you know what is the best part of being part of
The PIZZA. Can you name another profession where you get the chance to taste the Best Pizza’s in the world? Providing our clients with the best Pizza Point of Sale and awesome software is great, but getting to try out the nation’s greatest pizzerias in even better. Don’t get us wrong, helping our customers learn one of the easiest and best pizza POS systems is great, but visiting them is even and trying out their specialty pizzas is even better. We thing that enjoys their customers the same amount as the clients enjoy our unparallel dedication to each and every customer. Form small locations to franchise operations.
So to the fun part. If you think the there is revelry between the Chicago Bulls & New York Nets, or the Red Sox and Yankees, or ….., think again. The biggest revelry is between Chicago and New York Style Pizzas. Each claiming that their style of Pizza is the best. The Big Apple claim that thin crust is the way to go while our friends from the Windy City say it is deep dish. ┬áSo as the natural party (i.e. the same POS software works perfectly for both), we decided to set on this difficult challenge on deciding which is the best. We are POS experts, but if eating pizza every other day with your customers can make one a expert, then the staff at are definitely experts.
We decided to start by engaging in a “scientific” fact finding mission by comparing New York Style Pizzas to Chicago Style Pizzas. So we plan on starting this mission by visiting pizzerias in Chicago and New York over the next month. Its a hard job, but someone has to do it;)
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