Argo Tea: Latest Discovery in Chicago

October 14, 2012 – On this visit to Chicago, I managed to discover a new place to have tea yesterday. I am actually surprise that I had not discovered this place on my previous trips to Chicago. If you have not been to Chicago during the Fall, then you are missing some beautiful sights (I took the picture belowAs a big fan of the arts, Chicago’s Theatre District by North State and Randolph is always a favorite stop for me; however, this time I discovered the art of Tea. Right in the middle Ford Center for the Performing Arts and Borders books sits Argo Tea Cafe in an ornate building with a huge clock in the center of it. As a serious tea drinker, I had to go into this place and see what it is all about. Upon walking in, you realize that tea has come a long way. I did not know that tea can be 855-POS-SALEmade in so many different hot and cold ways. I must confess, I am still the traditional tea drinker so I will always go for back or earl grey type tea. The flavored teas have not made it on my list yet, but I can see Argo Tea being a paradise for those who enjoy the various flavored teas Green Tea Ginger Twist,  Red Velvet, Carolina Honey and the list goes on.
So if you are ever in Chicago, drop by one of the over 10 locations Argo Tea has in Chicago. Ironically, I also ran across an Argo Tea at O’Hare International Airport.  So if you missed the opportunity to go to one in the Windy City, then you still have a last chance at the airport. According to their staff and website, the company has its roots in Chicago and is “committed to making a difference both locally and globally.”
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