Mobile Ordering Equals Convenience

Mobile Ordering has been embraced by the fast food industry. Big and well known fast-food chains like Pizza Hut and Domino’s are heavily investing in Mobile Ordering because of how well it’s bringing in sales and growth.
Pizza franchises like Pizza Hut rely a great deal on delivery service. Delivery service is connected to Mobile Ordering seeing as how mobile and online orders are the reason why Pizza Hut’s delivery service has risen.
Convenience is huge and of the upmost importance for customers when it comes to ordering. This is why pizza franchises are going digital because Online and Mobile Ordering make the process of ordering so much easier.
According to “The biggest change in fast food isn’t about food – and it should terrify chains that can’t keep up” by Kate Taylor, “Mobile is the next step in pizza convenience, something chains are attempting to profit from with innovations like the Domino’s ‘no click’ platform, which allows customers to order simply by opening the app.”
Pizza Hut’s and Domino’s app offer customers the feature to track their pizza order up until delivery. This is a huge example of mobile convenience for fast food chains whose business is now so centered on Online and Mobile Ordering.
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